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Minuterie Metalliche Colombo
Articles for Suitcases, Leather Goods and Leashes
Glitter silver key lock

for sure effect bags

Closure with nacre effect

a touch of modernity to your bags

Solid brass clipper

for high-class suitcases

Solid brass key lock for suitcase

elegance to take on trips

The closure produced by design

to make your bags unique

Tradition handicraft Italian

adherence to expectations


The reason of the actual connotation is in the source of the MMC Colombo


The strengths of MMC Colombo derived from its history and long-term strategic decisions


Metal accessories for leather goods of great value are our field of action

The most appropriate way to identify the MMC Colombo is to highlight his most striking character, which was also the "philosophy" with which it began three generations ago and is still followed, especially during periods when facing new ways to create and produce: traditional Italian craftsmanship conveyed on the most advanced technology it cuts at the same time the changes that the adoption of new technologies may entail.