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Minuterie Metalliche Colombo
Articles for Suitcases, Leather Goods and Leashes

Minuteria Metallica Colombo Family

The reason of the actual connotation is in the source of the MMC Colombo.

It was founded in 1985 by the grandparents of the current owners. The Company still retains its family structure over the course of three generations, and this is one of the factors that still provides one of the peculiarities of the structure: the stability of teamwork. This allows the protection and continuity of all the wealth of experiences that arise within the Company and which constitute its main asset.

This is an extremely lean and agile production structure and this aspect, combined with its full design planning, constitutes his top tier "plus". This is how it manages to be extremely responsive to the needs of our customers, especially those that give rise to the personalization, enabling timely and very quick executions. Not only that, but on this side of the Company takes with extreme naturalness as a consultant to the purchaser wishing to introduce innovation or diversification. This is facilitated by direct dialogue with Customers, made possible by the small size of the structure and the natural link between the actors.

Not least among the advantages, the certainty of extremely fluid internal teaching, made up of immediate exchanges of experiences between components.

To grasp the importance of these matters, it suffices to mention the fact that are today part of the collection even achievements of the founders. This could not happen in industrial facilities that do not have, like MMC Colombo, cohesion and continuity between functions.