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Minuterie Metalliche Colombo
Articles for Suitcases, Leather Goods and Leashes

Come lavoriamo

The strengths of MMC Colombo derived from its history and long-term strategic decisions consist in: an inimitable quality that is guaranteed by the Italian artisan tradition, the agility and the receptivity of the structure that ensure compliance with customer expectations, prompt time and a higher level of reliability.

To this we add a feature to consider apart, which is the product autonomy, meant as the strategic choice for the birth of a new model that grows and get completed from the drawing in draft form up to the "jewel" finished, everything within the same structure.

There are no finishing of semi-finished supplied products, nor assembly of foreign components nor production of rough to refinish by outsourcers. This happens because of the principle that the handicraft is "something that did not exist before and that no one thought", otherwise it is not true creation.

Considering as our compass the below triad:

  • intrinsic quality of each piece,
  • elegance in Design,
  • continuous innovation.

Consolidated results that today we can boast are based on two fundamental orders:

  • First, the possibility of offering a quality / price ratio that would not be possible to have on a different context and with a different corporate structure imprisoned in a mass production,
  • secondly and above obtaining the best in terms of references / largely loyal Customers, based on the most famous designers in the world.

Designing with CAD


The working phases