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Minuterie Metalliche Colombo
Articles for Suitcases, Leather Goods and Leashes

Metal accessories for leather goods of great value are our field of action.DSC 0004

Characteristic of this sector is a huge variety of models, both for the multiplicity of functions that cover, both for the continuous updating of the design that needs to better fit the customers' requests and must still follow the top tier trends.

That's why our catalog is so rich

As one of the features we are proud is the attitude of a direct contact with customers, combined with a great willingness to consider any customization request over any feature of a product, we provide a form to receive any requests for clarification and investigation.

Another "plus"

The production of a model, when it is not created within us, moving only by the creation of the designer of the client. However we remark that it is not necessary to be provided a scale technical drawing with quotes and axonometric views. Despite what happens in the mass production processes of ordinary Companies, MMC Colombo needs only essential draft models developed by our Customers, translated into sketches with essential quotes. And this is so common that it has become habitual. That's what we expect every time.

In summary, for our models, as with everything, there is a beginning and an end. The starting point is the idea just mentioned by the Customer. The final stage is the improved model ready for application. "In the middle" there is simply MMC Colombo, in perfect autonomy due to its heritage of craftsmanship.

The principle, in essence, is:

to need only the minimum to get the best

Give us the minimum.........

Comelav 1

.... we'll give you the maximum

Comelav 2